Advertisement terms & conditions

This website is designed and operated by Fly2let.net Ltd (a company incorporated in the UK, company number 05549146).

Listings and advertisements (advertisements) for specified periods are available at rates agreed at the time of booking, as set out in a partnership contract, as are email broadcasts to our member database.

Advertisements will be carried for an agreed length of time specified in the partnership agreement. The number for email broadcasts booked will be specified in the partnership agreement as, usually, will the dates for some or all of these email broadcasts. However, the precise dates of email broadcasts may be left open to be specified at a later date at the convenience of the advertiser but always subject to availability. In all cases the dates of email broadcasts must fall within the term of the partnership contract. Entitlement to any unused email broadcasts will lapse after twelve months, or on the termination of the partnership contract, if longer.

Subject to the above, Fly2let.net Ltd  undertakes to reserve the agreed space and/or email broadcast dates at the time of receiving a signed confirmation of booking. Payment for both advertising and email broadcast bookings, irrespective of the start date of listings and/or date of email broadcasts, and unless agreed otherwise within the partnership contract, is due within 7 days of our receipt of a signed partnership contract.

Such signed partnership contracts constitute binding contracts between the parties according to the terms and conditions here set out, to be construed according to the laws of England.

In the case of advertisements, the advertiser is solely responsible for submitting to Fly2let.net Ltd  suitable copy not later than 14 days after receipt by us of a signed partnership contract giving confirmation of booking, or at least seven days before the agreed start of the advertisement , if earlier, or another earlier date if agreed. Should suitable copy not be submitted by that date and the booking has not been cancelled, Fly2let.net Ltd shall have the right to use copy already held by the company, or to publish the name and address of the advertiser only, and shall not be responsible for any mistakes, errors or omissions.

Advertisers may postpone, for up to three months, agreed dates for the commencement of listings, buttons and banners, and agreed dates for email broadcasts provided any invoice in respect of the advertising and email broadcasts is not overdue, and provided the advertiser gives notice of this postponement in writing at least 14 days prior to the agreed date. In such circumstances the dates will be rebooked to meet the advertisers’ requirements, subject to the availability of space and email dates.

In the case of email broadcasts, the advertiser is solely responsible for submitting to Fly2let.net Ltd  suitable copy not later than five working days before the agreed date of broadcasts or another earlier date if agreed by the advertiser. Should suitable copy not be submitted by that date Fly2let.net Ltd reserves the right to cancel the broadcast, although having reserved the date, the full amount remains payable. Block email broadcast bookings (multiple email broadcasts) are valid for 12 months of booking date.

Cost per lead (CPL) contracts will specify a number of leads to be generated for the advertiser by Fly2let.net Ltd within a specified period (the CPL period, which unless otherwise stated shall be twelve months). Such contracts will usually, but not always, include a specified minimum number of emails from Fly2let.net Ltd to its mailing lists, each to include advertising copy provided by the CPL advertiser. For the purpose of CPL contracts, a lead constitutes a response to an email or website advertisement generated by Fly2let.net Ltd to promote a CPL client or its goods or services, that response containing a valid email address and telephone number sufficient to allow the CPL client to contact the lead. This is irrespective of whether or not the CPL client chooses to make such contact with the lead and irrespective of the outcome of any such contact.

A CPL contract may be cancelled by a CPL client at any time however, should this cancellation be within the CPL period, the full contract price remains payable.

At the request of the CPL client and with the agreement of Fly2let.net Ltd, a CPL contract may be suspended at any time. In such circumstances the period of suspension shall be added to the CPL period.

If, at the expiry of the original or extended CPL period, the agreed number of leads has not been achieved, and provided the advertiser has fulfilled its contractual obligations to the full, Fly2let.net Ltd undertakes to refund to the CPL advertiser an amount equal to the shortfall in the number of agreed leads multiplied by the rate per lead specified in the CPL contract.

No other refunds are payable in respect of CPL contracts.

Unless otherwise specified in the CPL contract, CPL advertisers agree to commence CPL campaigns within three months of the CPL contract date. If they have not agreed a schedule for advertisements and email broadcasts by this date, the contract will be deemed to have been cancelled.

Once a schedule for advertisements and/or email broadcasts has been agreed, CPL and other advertisers undertake to provide Fly2let.net Ltd with suitable advertising copy for each scheduled advertisement or email broadcast not later than five working days before the agreed date for the commencement or broadcast of that advertisement or email.

Should suitable copy not be submitted by that date, Fly2let.net Ltd reserves the right to suspend and postpone the campaign until another suitable date becomes available (but undertakes to make such postponement as short as practicable to it). In such circumstances the full campaign cost remains payable on the agreed date or dates but the CPL period shall be extended by a period equal to the period of postponement.

The CPL period will commence when the first email in the campaign is broadcast by Fly2let.net Ltd.

In some instances CPL and other advertising contracts may specify staged payment of the total agreed price. Should any such staged payment not be made within seven days of the agreed date, the total cost of the campaign specified in the CPL or advertising contract becomes immediately payable in full.

Fly2let.net Ltd reserves the right to change, modify, redesign, restructure or otherwise change the website and its Directory at any time, without prior notice.

Without limitation, we reserve the right to remove from the website any information which we reasonably believe to be inaccurate, untrue, libellous, obscene, or a breach of copyright.

Although we take care to check information included in the website, it is the advertiser’s responsibility to verify that information supplied to us is correctly displayed and to inform us of any inaccuracies as soon as practicable.

By agreeing to these terms and conditions, the advertiser warrants that all information supplied to us about its firm, its services and about anybody who works in its firm, is accurate and does not breach the copyright or other legal rights of any individual or corporation. Further, the advertiser agrees to indemnify us against any loss which may arise from claims concerning any inaccuracy or breach of legal rights contained in the information it has supplied.

The advertiser also warrants that any information supplied to us, to the best of its knowledge and belief, is free from any viruses or other content which is detrimental to the technical operation of the website.

The advertiser warrants that it will protect the integrity of any password or passwords provided by us that allow it to gain access to pages, and will not disclosed that or those passwords to third parties or otherwise allow them unauthorised access to those pages.

The advertiser warrants that it is compliant with all UK and EU data protection laws and regulations including the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation 2016/679.

In signing an order the advertiser is also agreeing to the terms of our Data Processing Agreement (https://fly2let.net/data-processing-policy/) with regard to any personal data which we may provide.

Excepting for the advertisers’ own wording, logos and advertisements, Fly2let.net Ltd retains the copyright of all material contained in the website and Directory and contained in email broadcasts.

Bookings for advertisements, and email broadcasts may be cancelled in writing within 14 days of receipt by us of a signed partnership contract giving confirmation of booking, in which event 50 per cent of the total agreed amount will be payable. Once 14 days have elapsed after receipt by us of a signed partnership contract, the agreed amount is payable in full even if the advertiser should not proceed with the advertisements and email broadcasts that have been booked.

Notwithstanding this, once an advertisement or email broadcast forming part of a campaign has been published, the partnership agreement may not be cancelled even if the 14 day cancellation period has not elapsed, and the total agreed amount is payable in full.

Interest is payable on invoices not settled by the due date at current base rate plus 8 per cent per annum. In the event that invoices remain outstanding for more than 30 days, we reserve the right to suspend our service and to remove the relevant information from the website and Directory, although the full amount specified within the partnership contract remains payable.

Where payment is agreed to be made and accepted by instalments, should any instalment not be paid within 30 days of the due date for that instalment, the whole of the contracted amount becomes immediately payable.

Should invoices not be settled by the due date, the advertiser agrees to reimburse Fly2let.net Ltd  all associated debt collection costs incurred including, but not limited to, the cost, including staff costs, of bringing any proceedings in law, preparing documentation for such proceedings and travelling to and attending and court hearings.

Fly2let.net Ltd will market and promote the website for the benefit of advertisers but nothing in these terms and conditions commits it to commencing or continuing particular campaigns and it reserves the right at all times to pursue marketing policies, which in its own judgement, it deems fit and suitable.

Content contained on this website is intended for UK use only and any information referring to tax or legal matters applies to the UK only. Any monetary amount contained within partnership contracts is in pounds sterling unless otherwise specified. Any overseas advertiser claiming exemption from VAT must provide us with details of their equivalent national VAT registration.

We do not give any warranty that this website or any other to which it is linked is free from viruses or any other known or unknown imperfections which may have a harmful effect on any technology. While we undertake to make our best endeavours to have this website available at all times, we cannot guarantee this and accept no liability for interruptions to service for any reasons.

To the fullest extent permitted by law, we accept no liability for any loss, for whatever reason, direct or indirect, arising from use of this website.

These conditions shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the law of England and advertisers agree to the exclusive jurisdiction of the English courts.